Hopeful Monster

Hopeful Monster formed in 2017 as a collaboration between Ella Mackay, Eti Meacock and Bori Mező, puppeteer-makers from Scotland, England and Hungary. They met while training at the Curious School of Puppetry and the Puppet Theatre Barge in London.

A hopeful monster is what you get when a sudden genetic mutation produces a radically new organism. Like its evolutionary namesake, the company aims to create work that is weird and wonderful, playing with the possibilities of puppetry in its widest sense and delighting in the unusual visual creations that might emerge.

Hopeful Monster is part of a wider community of puppeteers and artists who have helped as guest directors, advice givers and general supporters.

Meet The Company


Ella Mackay

Ella is a puppeteer and maker based in Glasgow. She studied at the Glasgow School of Art, trained at the Curious School of Puppetry and the London School of Puppetry. Excited by the versatility of hands, she can often be caught fidgeting with them in peculiar ways. She is interested in conveying emotion through movement and exploring the idea of self, other and the blurred line in between. She is compelled by the uncanniness of empathising with puppets and what this can say about the experience of being and connection. She also performs as Nudge Puppets.
Website: www.ellamackay.co.uk
Facebook: @nudgepuppets
Instagram: nudge_puppets

Eti Meacock

Eti is a puppeteer, maker and painter born and bred in London. She has a background in Fine Art from Brighton University, but with her fascination for all things animal and corporal she probably should have become an evolutionary biologist instead. She went on to train as a performer at the Curious School of Puppetry, The Puppet Theatre Barge, and Bread and Puppet Theater in Vermont, as well as taking courses in puppet making with Puppets in Prague and Stephen Mottram. Although her work as a freelance puppeteer has opened up some exciting opportunities, like being the left shoulder of a giant polar bear or animating pieces of rigatoni pasta, she is primarily interested in the process of devising new work and also collaborates with Mirth & Misery and Kate Powell to do so.
Instagram: eophila_eti

Bori Mezö

With a degree in English Literature and Theatre Studies, she moved from Budapest to London to train on the Puppet Theatre Barge. Since then she's done various puppet making and puppeteering courses with various artists and in various places: with John Roberts (Devon), Puppets in Prague (Prague), Judith Hope (Newcastle and online), Curious School of Puppetry (Edinburgh) and Told by an Idiot (London). She's sometimes fluent in two languages, sometimes one, sometimes none. She's interested in rhythm and what makes visual storytelling tick. She spends a lot of time thinking about human behaviour, displacement and wondering about identity and where the line of oneself is - where a person finishes and where someone else starts. She loves theatre and most of all puppetry for its ephemerality, playfulness and its moments of jaw-dropping, childlike discoveries.
Instagram: borimezo